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Due to a totally-accidental fatal injury, you are now on the verge of life or death. 

The grim reaper arrives to off you, however... Can you convince him not to make you see the light just yet?

Warning: This game includes comical mentions of death and dirty satire.




𓄽  5 Endings

𓄽  Customizable Name

𓄽 5-10 minute gameplay





"死神とワルツ" by Amatsa 

Art  |  GUI | Script



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404SHINIGAMI-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 26 MB
404SHINIGAMI-1.0-mac.zip 21 MB
404SHINIGAMI-1.0-pc.zip 37 MB


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I enjoyed the game so much, love your art style! Love the Soul Eater like aesthetic ;)


A whimsical and macabre run-in with the Grim Reaper. Nice overall aesthetic and an interesting character study! Great work <3

Thank you ahhh! A real honor seeing this compliment from you- bows several times


This was so much fun and I love the art style! The endings were really fun to get ... especially seducing him. >//> OMFG lol

Thank you for making this! <3


I saw your gameplay a few hours ago in fact! It made me laugh so much and I was super happy you had fun with it. The seduce option was quite fun indeed Thank you so much for the gameplay!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Reminded me of soul eater for some reason

That's totally fair! XD


That was really good! I loved the humor and the art style.

Super duper happy to hear that, thank you so much for this review!


Nice art style. Loved the humor.

Oh gosh!!! Thank you so so SO much for playing the game! I'm truly honored! ✩


Really love the artstyle, and the seduce option is the best lol


YEAH THAT- I'm glad the last option was very fu n LOLOL


After more attempts than I think I'd like to admit, I finally found the path to the "best end" I believe. Good comical work!

LOL Apologies for the many attempts- Very happy you enjoyed!


Clever, artistic, and really damn funny! I love the sprite's art style. <3


Thank you so much! I feel very honored ^^


Yes, Such a cool looking place with such a fun character to spend time with! :D This was fun and I loved all the different ends! You can likely tell what my favorite is. xD


I'm very happy you enjoyed! I think I could guess lololol



This is actually very challenginnggggg!! It took me uhh 4? tries to get the good end(?) lol but the other endings are so entertaining! 

I love the art! The background is so cute and the sprite is soooo sooooooo cleaan!! I love it! I love the style and i love the small text when he makes expressionss.

There's actually more than 5 endings and each endings is so fun! It's a short and fun story! I love itt! <3

Cough, not sorry for the troubles-

Very happy to hear that the art and GUI was pleasing, and haha thank you so much for enjoying!